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Robyn slams minister over ‘racist’ cake cutting

“We are a multicultural country now, it is time to start acting like one,” Robyn said in an interview with Rodeo magazine. Adelsohn Liljeroth’s participation in a ceremony involving a cake, designed by artist Makode Linde and depicting a nude African woman, sparked cries of racism and drew criticism from a Brussels-based group. Robyn, one of Sweden’s […]

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Putin: Russian military needs 800-billion-dollar upgrade

Moscow – Russia’s military should receive equipment upgrades worth a massive 800 billion dollars over the next eight years, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in a Monday newspaper article outlining key aspects of his election campaign. Russia’s armed forces should secure 400 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 600 combat aircraft, 2,300 tanks and 20 submarines as […]

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Citizens speak out on (at)Sweden Twitter account

Do you think Sweden is all about blondes, meatballs and snow? Think again. Since December, the Nordic country has been promoting itself on Twitter by handing over the official (at)Sweden account to an average citizen every week. Among those who have hosted the account are a Christian minister, an organic sheep farmer and a blogger […]

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